Playing Pokies Online vs Land Based

pokiesOriginally the land based casinos fitted pokie machines as an addition to classic casino games and pokies soon proved to be an exciting attraction and moved from being a sideline attraction to one of the most enjoyable entertainment forms. It’s astounding popularity was due to the fact that it needed no skills and that anyone could enjoy great wins on it. Pokie machines continued its considerable growth and by the late nineteenth century it was not only established as one of the main attractions in land based casinos but completely burst out of its seams by the start of the twentieth century when online technology further boosts its gaming enjoyment.

Once most households had at least one computer and the internet became available, the online industry quickly won popularity and factors that had a huge influence on converting land based players to online players included, no travelling, convenience from playing within seconds, no waiting in ques and your favourite game was always available.

Online Benefits vs Land Based

Software providers, such as Microgaming, who had their pulse on the exciting trends that came with new technology, continued to create more innovative ways to provide interesting themes and regularly discovered more ways to offer exciting winning opportunities, which soon got an upper hand over games offered at brick and mortar casinos.

Land Based casinos at first still had the social atmosphere that many pokie players enjoyed and could offer regular high players great VIP benefits such as free hotel rooms, free drinks, free parking and VIP lounges, but they also had much higher expenses such as rent, electricity and other cost. These cost was much lower for online casinos and resulted in online casino’s success as they could offer much higher payout percentages to players. While land based pokies offered maximum payout percentages up to 90%, online pokies offered in access of 96% as a return to player ratio.

While land based casinos have limited space to provide a variety of pokies, new online pokies are constantly created and launched offering new exciting winning opportunities, more interesting bonus features and caters with a large variety of themes, specifically created to enhance play and attract new players.

Graphics, Themes & Bonus Features

The once extremely popular one armed bandits and classic machines soon could not compete with the new features and themes offered by online games. With more funds available the online pokies could include a much larger variety of bonus features that increased winning chances considerably. What also allowed the online pokies to move further ahead was the exceptional graphics, special effects and brilliant audio effects. Soon animated effects allowed online developers to create astonishing games with great storylines, which appealed to more and more players.

Progressive Jackpots

While land based casinos offer loud winning sounds to excite their players, online pokies created phenomenal payouts with progressive jackpots and could offer life changing payouts by offering both local and pooled progressive jackpots. Land based casinos also offer progressive jackpots but could simply not compete with online jackpots. Local progressive online jackpots offer lower payouts and can be won by players at a specific online casino, which is more comparable with land based jackpots. But with the online casinos much larger player base allowing international players to join any casino the jackpot amounts increased at a much faster rate than land based could keep up with.

Once pooled progressive jackpots arrived online, land based casinos lost the plot completely and could not even compete on this level. Pooled progressive jackpots are linked to several online casinos and players at all these casinos contribute to the payout, which obviously increase at a rapid pace and grew to multi-millions.

Off course the jackpot could also be won at any of the linked online casinos and it offer pokie players in remote areas the same opportunity to become a millionaire than it did players in big cities.

Multiplayer & Tournaments

Many players were still attracted to the socializing atmosphere of land based casinos and online pokies was created to include great interaction between online players with multiplayer pokies, which allowed players to invite their friends to enjoy the same game. Pokie tournaments provides the ultimate experience, allows many players to compete and getting your name on the leaderboard offer attractive prizes.

Regulating Laws

While state governments struggle to find new sources of revenue, many allowed land based casinos to open and breathe new life into their budgets. When the online gambling market exploded onto the scene, there were not many laws ready to cope with this unexpected force. But with many countries loosing taxes on players spending their monies internationally via the net, regulations soon became stricter and residents from several countries were prohibited to gamble online as the governments could not benefit from gambling taxes. Some countries saw the benefit of allowing their citizens to enjoy online casinos as it allow players to participate without the requirement of leaving the comfort of their home and by legalizing online gambling with licences that would force casinos to contribute to government funds, these countries soon enjoyed lofty figures.


In measuring up land based pokies versus online pokies the convenience aspect plays a major role, which increased even more with mobile play, which now enables online players to enjoy great wins on their way to work or while waiting for their next appointment. Plus a major factor is that online players enjoy much higher payout percentages for enjoying and winning on their favourite game. With the wide variety of online pokies, players can easily jump from game to game, while at land based casinos you might have to wait for a chance to spin on your preferred game. Most importantly the chance to spin in a life changing win online is much higher with online pokies.

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